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IFC Reference Guide for Archicad 24

Digital media


▶︎ Format: PDF
▶︎ Level: advanced
▶︎ Pages: 184

This reference guide provides an insight into the IFC standard and how it works in Archicad 24.

Table of Contents

  • IFC file types supported by Archicad

  • Archicad classifications and categories in IFC

  • Export IFC model from Archicad

  • Import IFC model to Archicad

  • Open IFC model

  • Merge IFC project

  • Hotlink IFC file

  • Detect IFC model changes

  • Update with IFC model

  • IFC project manager

  • Manage IFC data at element level

  • IFC local preferences

  • Define element criteria using IFC data

  • IFC translators: overview

  • Translators for export (detailed settings)

  • Filter model at import (secondary filter)

  • Filter model at export

  • Appendix: IFC terms and concepts

  • Appendix: IFC data mapping in Archicad

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