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Anti-Piracy Sales Training and Certification

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▶︎ Format: self-paced online course
▶︎ Level: all levels
▶︎ Duration: 2 hours

For Graphisoft and Partner employees only! Use the GS_PARTNER coupon for FREE access!

The Graphisoft Anti-Piracy Sales Training supports our Partners in exploiting sales opportunities resulting from anti-piracy detection. The training consists of recorded partner webinars about the Graphisoft Anti-Piracy Program; commercial messages for sales discussions; templates for customer communications; and tips & tricks from experts who have successfully closed many piracy cases. The training is available globally for all Graphisoft Partners.

Learning Objectives

The program's primary goal is to enhance sellers' knowledge of resolving software piracy cases by selling licenses to pirates and converting them into loyal customers.

Complete the training to learn how to: 

  • Access and manage detected piracy cases
  • Apply commercial messages to close piracy leads with success
  • Become a trusted solution provider by helping prospects mitigate the risks associated with using pirated software
  • Maximize your deal value
  • Control the entire sales process to get results faster than ever

In addition, this training will strengthen fundamental sales knowledge by introducing new negotiation and deal management skills and techniques.

Target Audience

The Graphisoft Anti-Piracy Sales Training is relevant mainly for members of teams assigned to manage piracy leads, sales representatives, sales leaders, account managers, and license compliance managers. The course supports the team members' work at different sales process stages. Completing the course is recommended to comprehensively understand the Graphisoft Anti-Piracy Program.


In addition, the program supports Partners in closing piracy sales opportunities; it guides the use of the available sales collateral and samples, insight-led commercial messages, and warning letter templates. You'll find the Anti-Piracy sales collateral in the "Resources" library.


By completing the training, scoring a minimum of 80% on the optional quiz, and submitting the satisfaction survey, you will automatically be awarded Graphisoft Anti-Piracy Sales Certification.

After completing the learning path, you can return to any modules to refresh your knowledge.

Expected Time Commitment

You can complete the course and the quiz in about 1.5-2 hours. Reviewing and customizing the corresponding Anti-Piracy sales collateral will require another 2-3 hours.

Software Requirements

Participants will need an internet connection, Microsoft PowerPoint, and a PDF viewer to follow the demonstrations during this training.

Here is the course outline:


Why is the training worth it? Why should you start selling to pirates? In this presentation, we introduce you to the Graphisoft Anti-Piracy Program and piracy as a business opportunity.

The Graphisoft Anti-Piracy Program

This recorded webinar will teach you about the Graphisoft Anti-Piracy Program, how to access piracy leads, and manage those.

Selling to Pirates

This module will help you to prepare for successful sales conversations with your pirate prospects. You will learn to position yourself as your customer’s trusted business advisor, who will resolve their software licensing problems mitigating serious business risks.

Resources to Download

You may find the Anti-Piracy sales collateral here, including: - The Anti-Piracy Program Description, the presentation and the program sheet - Commercial Messages and presenter notes to teach you how to use those - Anti-Piracy warning letter templates


15 min

Thank you for completing the Graphisoft Certified Anti-Piracy Sales training! Get your Anti-Piracy Sales Certification by completing the certification quiz! Give us feedback about the training - please submit the satisfaction survey. Thank you!


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

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