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Partner Development - Product Path (A-CPD)

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Here is the course outline:

Introduction and Path Overview

Develop your skills further after reaching the Go-to-Market maturity and broaden your service offer in order to retain your existing customers effectively.

Customer Expansion (Part 1 - Year 1) - Archicad Project Audit for Auditors

Analyze Archicad projects to see how well your clients are using the functionalities of Archicad and use it as a basis for offering them your services, such as consultation and trainings - focusing on their needs.

Customer Expansion (Part 2 - Year 1) - BIM Coordinator Program and Certification

Coming soon...

Customer Advocacy (Year 2) - BIM Manager Program and Certification

Become essential part of the business and achieve long-term goals with your customers and Graphisoft as a certified BIM Manager.


Get your Product Continuous Development Badge after going through each of the modules.


The following certificates are required in order to enroll in this course:

Graphisoft Certified Archicad BIM Author
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