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Partner Onboarding - Sales Path (Architecture-GTM)

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Here is the course outline:

Administrative Enablement

Get an overview of the administrative enablement and familiarize yourself with the operative basics in live meetings to get started.

Become a Marketer (Part 1 - Month 0-1) - Essential Product Knowledge

Get familiar with the essentials of the product line through short self-paced online courses to be able to effectively support promoting Graphisoft products.

Become a Marketer (Part 2 - Month 0-1) - Sales Fundamentals

Get familiar with the basics of selling Graphisoft products (coming soon) and learn the art of selling using the Challenger method (external course).

Become a Challenger (Month 1-4) - Sales Trainings

Deepen your sales skills and get familiar with selling Archicad and the Graphisoft Anti-Piracy Program.

Become an Enabler (Month 4-5) - Competitive Positioning of Archicad against Revit

Learn the differences between Archicad and its main competitor to be able to give valuable insights to your prospects and customers.


Get your Sales Go-to-Market Badge after going through each of the modules.

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