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Partner Onboarding - Sales Path (A-GTM)

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▶︎ Bundle of courses
▶︎ Format: self-paced and trainer-led online courses
▶︎ Level: all levels

The learning path supports Graphisoft Partners on their go-to-market journey with administrative/operational and sales enablement.

For Graphisoft and Partner employees only!
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Partner Onboarding Learning Paths

A collection of mandatory courses, certifications, optional courses, additional content, reference materials – all in one place, organized into Marketing, Sales, Product and Technical Support paths.

Training Objectives

The learning path aims to guide you on which courses you should take to get the knowledge and skills to be successful in the sales role, including different sales techniques, how to effectively communicate with clients, how to identify and overcome objections, and how to close sales.

The content is arranged in a way to support your gradual knowledge development. Certain courses are marked as optional from onboarding point of view, but you are more than welcome to explore those as well if you would like to deepen your knowledge in certain areas.

You can find all necessary materials as well in these paths, including links and references which will make the learning path your easy access orientation point as a newcomer.

Target Audience

The learning program caters the needs of new partners in the roles of sales representatives, sales managers, etc. on both company and personnel level, hence it is recommended for all new partners and for new staff of existing partners as well. Furthermore, it is recommended for all long-time partners as well – if you are interested, or if you have new employees joining your company. 

Expected Time Commitment

The program is tailored to support your whole onboarding journey of 6 months, the time commitment needed for individual courses varies. Sales-related courses shall be completed in 3-4 months.


No prerequisites.


Complete all the required courses and obtain certificates and the onboarding badge.

Here is the course outline:

Administrative Enablement

Get an overview of the administrative enablement and familiarize yourself with the operative basics in live meetings to get started.

Customer Awareness (Part 1 - Month 0-1) - Essential Product Knowledge

Get familiar with the essentials of the product line through short self-paced online courses to be able to effectively support promoting Graphisoft products.

Customer Awareness (Part 2 - Month 0-1) - Sales Fundamentals

Get familiar with the basics of selling Graphisoft products and learn the art of selling using the Challenger method.

Customer Acquisition (Month 1-3) - Sales Enablement

Deepen your sales skills and become more successful in closing your deals.

Customer Onboarding (Month 3-4) - Sales Programs

Get familiar with the global sales programs tailored for specific prospect scenarios.

Customer Adoption (Month 4-5) - Solution Engineering (OPTIONAL)

Learn the differences between Archicad and its main competitor to be able to give valuable insights to your prospects and customers.


Get your Sales Go-to-Market Badge after going through each of the modules.

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