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Graphisoft Certified Sales – Basic Level Learning Path

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Graphisoft Learn
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▶︎ Format: self-paced online course
▶︎ Level: beginner
▶︎ Duration: 2 hours

For Graphisoft and Partner employees only! Use the GS_PARTNER coupon for FREE access!

The Graphisoft Certified Sales Learning Path is a series of training modules on the Graphisoft Learn Portal that is relevant for Sales Representatives. Each module consists of training courses dedicated to a specific topic. The courses support sellers’ work at different stages of the sales process and guide the use of Graphisoft sales collateral; product positioning slide decks, preparation templates, battle cards, and insight-led commercial messages are included. 
You may find the Graphisoft sales collateral on the GS Partner site. 


We will broaden this learning path by adding new courses and material, featuring BIMcloud and BIMx. 

We will scale the learning path by developing Advanced level training in 2022. 

Target Audience 

The primary target audience of the Graphisoft Certified Sales Learning Path is newly hired salespeople. By providing the basic level of sales training, sellers ramp up their productivity and performance, accelerating time to revenue. 

The learning path has been developed for those who want to acquire Graphisoft Sales Certification. Based on the level of Archicad sales experience and knowledge, each learner can decide to skip some of the courses within this learning path, though the completion of all the courses is recommended to gain comprehensive knowledge about the Graphisoft sales collateral. 


The main goal of this learning path is to enhance sellers’ knowledge on how to position and sell the Graphisoft solution portfolio, and how to use Graphisoft sales collateral. In addition, this training will provide strong fundamental knowledge of Graphisoft and Archicad for newcomers to this role. 

Training Structure 


Module 1: Create Awareness 

1.1 The Elevator Pitch 

Module 2: Meeting Preparation 

2.1 3-3-3 Meeting Preparation 

2.2 Buyer Personas 

2.3 Profiling the Buyer Persona 

Module 3: Product Positioning 

3.1 Industry Trends 

3.2 Customer Challenges 

Module 4: Sales Messaging 

4-1 Commercial Insights 

4.2 Battle Cards 

4.3 How to Use Battle Cards? 


Time Commitment 

Completing all the courses included in this training requires approximately 2 hours in total. Checking and customizing the related material of the Graphisoft Sales Collaterals will require an additional 2-3 hours.  

Software Requirements 

To follow the demonstrations during this training, participants need an internet connection, access to the GS Partner site, and Microsoft PowerPoint installed.


To become a Graphisoft Certified Sales Representative, you'll need to complete the Graphisoft Certified Sales – Basic Level Quiz. Once you complete the quiz, you'll automatically be awarded the certification. After completing the learning path, you can come back to any of the modules to refresh your knowledge. 

About the presenters

Ferenc Mátyás

Partner Marketing Manager, Graphisoft SE

Feri started his Graphisoft career as an International Partner Manager ten years ago, then led the Graphisoft Italy team for five years.

Since 2020, he has been responsible for the Partner Success Program, empowering partners to accelerate revenue and achieve their business objectives.

Tibor Szolnoki

Tibor Szolnoki

Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Graphisoft SE

24 years in Graphisoft

MSc Architecture, Budapest University of Technology

Currently responsible for managing the Product Marketing team at Graphisoft HQ, Budapest

Carlos Cordeiro

Carlos Cordeiro

Product Marketing Manager, Graphisoft SE

2 ½ years in Graphisoft

Graduate Structural Engineer, MSc., currently Product Marketing Manager responsible for the positioning of Graphisoft’s product portfolio

Have Questions?

Contact Ferenc Mátyás at

Here is the course outline:


In this module, you will learn about the content of this online training, its goals, and how to use the Graphisoft sales collateral.

Meeting Preparation

This module will help you to prepare for successful sales conversation with your prospects. You will learn how to position yourself as your customer’s trusted business advisor.

Product Positioning

Sales Messaging

In this module, you will learn about the sales messages that you should deliver during the sales conversation to build credibility and propose a unique solution to your customers.


Thank you for completing the Graphisoft Certified Sales – Basic Level online training! In this module we will outline the further development – how we broaden and scale up the training. Stay tuned! We will update the learning path regularly.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

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