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Native Survey Point - Workflow Guide

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▶︎ Format: PDF
▶︎ Level: advanced
▶︎ Pages: 27

This guide includes a set of key considerations you need to make, when working with survey point.

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The Survey Point aims to provide help with the focus on solving project coordinate location translation. This feature creates a data driven approach that allows correct and precise translation of coordinates between Archicad and other BIM authoring tools. This strongly complements Graphisoft’s approach to Open BIM initiatives and workflows.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction

    • About the Survey Point

    • Model Setup (Local Coordinates)
    • Placing the Survey Point
    • Checking Coordinates
    • Schedule of Coordinates
    • IFC Export Settings
    • DWG Export Settings
    • BCF Export
    • IFC Import Settings
    • Appendix

Here is the course outline:

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