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Archicad Open BIM Collaboration

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Enrollment for this course is currently closed.

▶︎ Format: Online Blended Course
▶︎ Level: intermediate
▶︎ Duration: 9 hours

Learn how to communicate with other disciplines with a model-based workflow!

Applications on the waiting list will be handled with priority on the next course!

For Graphisoft and Partner employees only! Use your usual partner coupon for FREE access!

The goal of the "Archicad Open BIM Collaboration Training" is to give the attendees a detailed overview of IFC exchange best practices among the disciplines.
During the day, the participants go through the basics of 3D model preparation for 3D data-exchange and plenty of practical IFC related workflow examples.

Training Objectives

Understand the OPEN BIM workflow and the proper use of IFC and BCF based data exchange. Improve your practice in 3D model-based collaboration with other disciplines using ARCHICAD as a model hub.

Who should attend?

Intermediate level users who need to collaborate with other disciplines via IFC format.

Table of contents


  • Introduction to OPEN BIM workflow
  • Reference Model concept
  • Application of IFC, MVD and BCF


  • Model preparation for IFC export
  • Archicad basic classification
  • Model filtering
  • Basic quality control with ARCHICAD tools
  • IFC Import as hotlinks
  • IFC export basics
  • IFC translator setup
  • File consistency checking in Solibri Anywhere
  • Model federation in Archicad
  • Basics of Collision detection in Archicad

Expected time commitment

Self-paced training material approx. 6 hours. Time spent with the training my vary from learner to learner, but it is expected that with some level of commitment, the learner would be able to finish the core content in 8 hours approximately.

The Quiz takes and additional 50 minutes to complete. 


Badges and Certificates

Completing the course with a result of 100% in the quiz will earn you the Certified Archicad Open BIM Collaboration Trainer title and the Master of Open BIM badge.

About the Presenter

Szabolcs Kari

Senior BIM Consultant, Customer Success, Worldwide, GRAPHISOFT

Szabolcs is a Senior BIM Consultant at GRAPHISOFT in the Learning Team. He graduated as an Architect MSc in 2014 in Hungary. He used to be a practicing architect and later he became a BIM Manager in a governmental institution. He had been involved in the Hungarian BIM Standardization processes and took great part in the creation of the Hungarian BIM Protocol. Currently, he is responsible for developing and conducting ARCHICAD related trainings and the BIM Manager training all over the world. He is heavily involved in the creation of the European BIM Standard suite by being a member of the Hungarian Standards Committee (CEN/TC 442 BIM). He is an experienced BIM Manager, ARCHICAD user and trainer with a special focus on the OPEN BIM workflows (IFC and BCF), IFC Based Quality Assurance, BIM implementation, BIM standards and Point Cloud Based Building Surveys. He is a Certified ARCHICAD BIM Manager, a Certified Solibri Trainer and holds a buildingSMART International Professional Certification. 

Here is the course outline:

1. Getting Ready to Start

4 min

Get to know the training, content and goals within 4 minutes.

2. About Open BIM - Theory

57 min

57 minutes of presentation to introduce you to scheduling and data management. The topics of the presentation are providing high-level approach to reveal the big picture around the possibilities and current workflows.

3. Model Preparation

1 hr, 37 min

In this upcoming 97 minutes, you are going to be introduced to the model preparation and classification of model elements through practical exercises. You are going to be provided with all the necessary information and knowledge of the topic to be able to model accurately and organize the 3D and metadata within your models.

4. Model Export

1 hr, 18 min

In this upcoming 78 minutes, you are going to be introduced to the IFC export capabilities of Archicad. We investigate different export scenarios and go through all relevant IFC Export Translator settings.

5. Model Import

1 hr, 8 min

In this upcoming 66 minutes, you are going to be introduced to the IFC import capabilities and methods of Archicad. We investigate different import scenarios and go through all relevant IFC Import Translator settings.

6. Model Federation and Basic Collision Detection

30 min

In this upcoming 28 minutes, we finalise our workflow with an introduction to model coordination and collision detection inside Archicad.

7. Certification and Conclusion

1 hr, 9 min

Assessment for certification or badge.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

INT_GRAPHISOFT Trainer Certificate
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