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buildingSMART Professional - Foundation Module Certification

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For someone else
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Application for the buildingSMART Professional - Foundation Module Certification.

About the buildingSMART Professional Certification

The buildingSMART Professional Certification exists to support training organizations to deliver internationally standardized and recognized training content. buildingSMART will not be delivering training itself, but will be defining learning outcomes and managing the approval of training providers and the testing and qualification of individuals. For more details about the program, please visit:


The BIM Manager Program of GRAPHISOFT is an accredited training by buildingSMART. Those who have certified themselves as Archicad BIM Managers are eligible to take the buildingSMART certification as well. GRAPHISOFT is the only global provider of the training. The certification and quiz are done by buildingSMART on their own platform.

The cost of the exam/certification is governed by buildingSMART and GRAPHISOFT applies those fees without any additional profit for our Archicad Certified BIM Managers.

Please note that you cannot apply for the test through a different provider in your country (if available) without applying for their trainings.


Who should apply?

Those, who want to certify themselves at buildingSMART without attending a special training. Application is optional for this certification.


Rules of the certification

Attendees can sit the test one time only. Upon failure, a new ticket should be purchased.  Successful examinees will be awarded their certificate and will be listed in the buildingSMART Professional registry (

Examinees must take an exam of 25 multiple-choice single answer questions. Certification threshold is 75% or above. Upon successful exam, certificates are issued immediately by buildingSMART. 


Exam topics 

Please review all buildingSMART, IFC, MVD, etc. related topics covered in the BIM Manager course for preparation to the exam.

Also, please read through the following articles:


How to apply for the buildingSMART Professional Certification - Foundation module?

    1. Please review our data handling process under Data Privacy Policy, section 2.7. (
    2. GRAPHISOFT handles applications for the certification through our Learn Portal ( Please navigate to the Catalog -> Certifications Folder -> buildingSMART Professional Certification - Foundation Module. This course becomes available if you are part of the Certified BIM Managers Group.
    3. Purchase the buildingSMART Professional - Foundation Module Certification exam.
    4. Please register with your credentials on the buildingSMART official page:
    5. Click on the Create new account button in the upper right corner, fill it out with your data and accept the Terms and Conditions
    6. When the account has been created and you are ready to take the exam, please send a message to inquiring about the code for the Graphisoft exam category and the preferred time and date.
    7. With the given code, choose and enroll in the Graphisoft exam from the buildingSMART Professional Certification list (2nd page)
    8. GRAPHISOFT will schedule the date/time of your exam
    9. GRAPHISOFT sends a unique code to your submitted email address
    10. GRAPHISOFT sends a MS Teams meeting invite on the exam day
    11. Examinee must identify and retrieve the provided unique code to get access to the exam
    12. Examinee can take the bSI exam
    13. Examinee must agree bSI's Terms & Conditions and Data Handling Policy to receive the Certificate
    14. Examinee must download the Certificate and give consent to appear in the bSI Public Registry.
    15. Celebrate! 


    By purchasing this item, you accept our Data Privacy Policy.

    For more information about the program, please contact buildingSMART. If you have questions about the application, ask Barbara Szabó.


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